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The 2015 Annual Conference and AGM took place on 6th June at the Woodland Grange Hotel and Conference Centre,
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. The theme was  "
Really Putting Patients First".  Click here for the programme

The event provided an opportunity for patients and staff from PPGs, practices and CCGs, and others involved in engaging with patients to network, share ideas, information and experience and to learn from each other.

Videos from the 2015 conference are below (password napp2015)
Presentations from the speakers and workshops are available to affiliated members. Click here.

Password for all videos below is napp2015

Acknowledgement and thanks for enabling NAPP to have access the below videos to Dr Amir Hannan, General Practitioner, Haughton Thornley Medical Centres, Hyde Tameside & Glossop CCG Board member leading on Long Term Conditions, Information Management & Technology and Patient Engagement / Empowerment

 Conference & AGM

N.A.P.P. 2015 Annual Conference

Each year the Association holds a National Conference that includes the Annual General Meeting of
the Association. This takes place in a different part of the UK each year. N.A.P.P.
Annual Conferences are ideal for established PPGs who want to share ideas, and for newly
formed PPGs who want to learn from more experienced Groups.
They are also helpful for practices who are thinking of getting started with a PPG.

Dr Peter Swinyard
Family Doctor Association

Introduction by Sir Denis Pereira Gray

Dr Amir Hannan & Marilyn Gollom
Haughton Thornley Medical Centres

Soapbox 3 - Penny-Anne Cullen
Perverse incentives lead to perverse outcomes

Soapbox 1 - Lesley Bright
How much does our treatment cost?

Soapbox 2 - Terry Craven
Support people who are entitled to benefits

Soapbox 6 - Sue Line
What can we do to help the N.A.P.P. Trustees?

Soapbox 4 - Richard Marcus

Let’s open up and share the record

Soapbox 5 - Jeffrey Austin
Reduce the ‘Do not attends’

Corkill Award
Winners - North Cardiff Medical Centre PPG

Corkill Award
Commendation - Botolph Bridge PPG

Summary of the day by Sir Denis Pereira Gray