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The 2014 Annual Conference and AGM took place on  
Saturday 7th June 2014 at Weetwood Hall Conference
Centre, Leeds.  The Theme was “Quality in Primary Care”

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Feedback from Delegates:

"Judging by the questions from the packed hall this morning, PPGs are made up of an extremely savvy, well-informed and engaged group of volunteers. Simon Stevens would have been impressed.”

“They certainly put pointed questions to the main speaker this morning – Maureen Baker, President of the RCGP. I found her speech deeply honest and quite compelling especially on the issue of multi-morbidity and the absence of an evidence base for how to deal with this challenge. Indeed, the urgent need too if we are to future-proof general practice"

“There was nothing wasted in the whole day.  Everything was of absolute value, insight and helpfulness.  I learned so much, feelings that I had begun to have were echoed by others but then others had some answers.  So many ideas from other people it was just inspiring and informative.”

“Maureen Baker was very informative and the slides were relevant to what she was saying.  It’s been useful talking to other PPG members, especially to hear how they are sustaining their groups especially getting younger people/teenagers involved”

“A very  useful and informative day.  Lots of dots were joined up!  Thank you!”

 “Meeting other like minded people in similar positions is most helpful and possibly the best part of the day.”

“As a new comer to PPG’s I now feel better enabled to take on challenges ahead of me and extremely worthwhile day many thanks.”

 “Great to hear other people’s ideas and enthusiasm”

“Meeting other PPG members and the diverse range of delegates - excellent!”

“Enjoyed being able to network and meet new people that I hope to maintain links with (or develop).  I enjoyed the workshop content but felt the sessions were too rushed and it wasn’t clear which decisions were used for feedback in the room.”

Photos from the 2014 Conference:

 2014 Conference & AGM