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N.A.P.P. achieves accolade in final of UK Trust Awards 2015

The UK Trust Awards is a celebration of the most trusted and respected businesses, charities and social organisations in the UK – voted for by the public.

“N.A.P.P. was beaten by a worthy world-wide charity - to come 2nd is a real accolade” said Caroline Day, Chief Executive for the UK Awards

Charities, not-for-profits and social organisations that are making a difference to our communities and planet are putting social and economic change at the heart of what they are doing. The winners stand out for the work they are doing and the change they are creating whilst making a tremendous impact through their work and leading change in the world.

The criteria for the UK Trust Awards was not just looking for businesses that were posting the highest profits or getting the most coverage in the press – it was about companies/charities being judged on the most important factor of all – how much do its customers/colleagues/members trust it?

Because trust between a customer and a business is the most precious transaction of all, it should be the foundation upon which every successful company is based. The UK Trust Awards was about searching for those smaller yet effective businesses/charities that deliver exceptional customer service despite having a tiny number of staff, as well as the big corporates that know its supply chain inside out and are open and honest about what its customers are buying and where it comes from.

The UK Awards acknowledges that the difference with these awards is that the companies/charities that make the final, will be among the most effective and productive in UK. Trust is the component used to measure whether a company is delivering value consistently especially in a world where credibility among so many businesses has hit rock bottom. The UK Trust Awards felt it was time to take a stand and shine a light on the businesses and charities in this country that are promoting values and then delivering on them time and time again. The winners of the UK Trust Awards were voted for by the people who matter most – customers/colleagues/members and staff members - these are the people who will see and feel how much a business values them.

N.A.P.P. sincerely thanks everyone who took the time to support us in the

UK Trust Awards 2015.


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