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N.A.P.P. recommendations supported by Parliament

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care and Public Health has just published its Inquiry Report into NHS England’s Five Year Forward View: Behaviour Change, Information and Signposting.

N.A.P.P. gave evidence to the Inquiry, based on a survey of our members that drew over 1,300 responses, and our evidence was clearly well-received by the Group, with many of the views of our members contributing to the Report. In particular, the following points we raised in our evidence are reflected in the Report and its recommendations:

  •  People regard themselves as the principal provider of their own health and care
  •  It is important that information is available in surgeries and pharmacies, but it must be in clear and plain language
  •  It is important that information is consistent, particularly to help people using the internet as a source of information
  •  Health education, including enabling self-care, must be included in schools

N.A.P.P. President and Chairman, Patricia Wilkie, said “It is good to see that the views of patients and PPGs we captured through our survey in November and which informed N.A.P.P.’s evidence to the Inquiry have so clearly influenced the Report and its recommendations. It demonstrates how effective N.A.P.P. can be in representing our members and other patients.”

You can read the evidence N.A.P.P. submitted here.


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