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N.A.P.P. welcomes new GP practice investment, but expects patients to be involved in prioritising its spend

The National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.), the national voice for patients in primary care, has welcomed the Government’s commitment to increasing investment in general practice by £2.4 billion a year by 2020/21.

But N.A.P.P. now expects GP practices to re-double their efforts to involve patients as partners in their own care. As General Practice Forward View itself states: “No amount of reform of the existing system will work unless [the NHS] also partner with our patients to manage demand more efficiently.”

N.A.P.P. President and Chairman, Dr Patricia Wilkie, said "We are delighted that the Government has listened to the 330,000 patients and members of the public who supported the Put patients first: Back general practice petition. This announcement includes proposals to help GP practices deal with issues that local Patient Participation Groups know matter to patients, such as difficulties with appointment times, and poor communication and coordination between secondary and primary care. We believe that patients need to be sure that the care they receive is safe, and of a high standard. We know GPs wish to meet these standards. The changes announced today are a sign that change is on its way and are to be welcomed."

Paul Devlin, N.A.P.P. Chief Executive Officer added: “GP practice-based Patient Participation Groups have a great deal to contribute to help turn this new investment into improved services for patients. It is now vital that practices engage well with their PPG to make the most of these new resources. If patients are involved from the start in making the changes needed in primary care, we believe the changes will be more effective and sustainable. N.A.P.P will play its part in supporting PPGs and looks forward to working with NHS England, the Royal College of General Practitioners and others to deliver the potential of this report.


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