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PPG-HW summary.pdfPPGs response to NHS consultation on prescribing Oct 2017

NHS England has been carrying out a consultation on proposals to reduce the prescribing some items.   As a Patient representative organisation, N.A.P.P. sought to give a collective response, highlighting concerns about the risk of possible unintended or unanticipated impacts from these proposals.

For example, possible risks for people with multiple long term conditions requiring multiple medication, or to people of low income, from proposals to move to the personal funding of some medications? Some of the products under consideration include Painkillers (analgesics) and medicines for fever (antipyretics), such as paracetamol and ibuprofen; Eczema creams and ointments; and Antiviral creams.

The consultation document itself can be found here

464 PPGs responded to a short survey of our members, in which we asked “Do you agree with the principle of CCGs not allowing the prescribing of medications of limited or low clinical effectiveness?

Read the feedback here


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