Affiliation - Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Why should our CCG join N.A.P.P.?

The existence of PPGs in all member practices is essential for CCGs to meet Domain 2 assurance
criteria and the CCG legal duty
to make arrangements to involve patients and the public at
various specified stages, of the commissioning process.

PPGs collect patient and carer feedback from the respective practice populations of member
practices and are an invaluable source of insight about the quality of local services.

PPGs also support local people in successfully and appropriately navigating services and, working in partnership with GPs and practice staff, assist individuals in having an informed and real share in decisions about their own health.

Experience shows that PPGs flourish and are sustainable when they have direct, individual access, in their own right, to patient-led support and advice from N.A.P.P.

Recognising that each group is unique to its own practice community, N.A.P.P. is able to provide the most appropriate specialist support to help practices and patients get groups started and keep them going drawing on over thirty years experience and the formation of hundreds of PPGs.

“Creating vibrant, successful and sustainable PPGs is vital to the ambitions of Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group. By affiliating and working closely with N.A.P.P. we are benefiting from its years of expertise, evidence and best practice, which is helping to turn our ambitions in to a reality and build genuine two-way dialogue and collaboration between patients, their practices and the CCG.”

Richard Morris, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Leicester City CCG