CCGs - Engaging with PPGs

Under section 14Z2 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 each CCG has a duty to make arrangements to involve patients and the public at various specified stages, of the commissioning process including:

It is in the interests of CCGs all locality based member practices have a strong, effective, ‘healthy’ patient participation group (PPG) comprised of active patients working closely with their GPs and practice teams. PPGs, or Patient Reference Groups (PRGs) as they can also be called, are a tried and tested mechanism, in existence since 1972, which enable the voice of individual practice populations to be heard.

In addition to hands-on, face to face patient involvement, many practices are also developing ‘virtual’ PPGs enabling an ongoing dialogue with the widest possible cross section of the practice population using email, text, online surveys and social media.

Working together these two mechanisms ensure that the practice populations’ perspectives and priorities contribute to the continuous improvement of services, ensure practices are more responsive to the needs, wishes and priorities of patients and help to effectively target the use of resources.

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