Patient Engagement

This is a video about patient engagement featuring N.A.P.P. commissioned by the Department of Health.

Find out about how N.A.P.P. can support your CCG in successfully achieving authorisation and ongoing meaningful engagement with patients and the community. Read about the specialist expertise and resources that N.A.P.P. can offer your CCG based on over thirty years experience and the formation of hundreds of PPGs.

Click here to read another document: Supporting GP Led Commissioning

N.A.P.P. has also written a Smart Guide to engaging practices and patients as part of the suite of Department of Health Guides Smart Guides on engagement for CCGs.

Access our quick reference guide ‘Hearing the Voice of your Practice Population’ (available to NAPP member CCGs only) which provides proven techniques, tips and ideas about growing a strong locality PPG community.

The second ‘Quick Guide to effective engagement in commissioniing’ provides essential advice in establishing appropriate locality wide structures, processes and mechanisms to link practice based groups providing a framework for capturing feedback from practice populations, including the views of those ‘harder to reach’, and embedding them into commissioning decision making.

Practices and patient engagement.pdf