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Corkill Award 2024

The Corkill Award 2024 presentation will take place on 16th November 2024, after the AGM (at approximately 11am). This will be held virtually, and the award announcement will take place by The President, after short, prepared presentations by the short-listed PPGs. Details to attend and book a place will be available shortly.

This Award was established by the N.A.P.P. Board in 2012 in recognition of a former Chairman, Joe Corkill, and his contribution to the promotion of patient participation for over twenty years.

This year the focus is celebrating how PPGs have contributed to the improvement in the quality of care and the patient experience.

  • The winning PPG will receive a prize of £400.00.
  • The runner-up PPG will receive a prize of £100.00.

Short-listed PPGs will receive local and national recognition including special member bulletins.

Award Conditions:

  1. All PPGs that are members of N.A.P.P. on the 1st August 2024 are eligible.
  2. The Award recognises outstanding work by a PPG in the preceding year (2023/4) which demonstrates how the PPG has contributed to the improvement in the quality of care and the patient experience.
  3. Outstanding achievement may relate to several activities, helping many people or may include a particular scheme that had a significant impact on relatively few people.
  4. Entries are particularly encouraged where the PPG has managed to succeed in improvements to the quality of care and patient experience under challenging circumstances and where the PPG is striving to engage with those sections of the population that are ‘harder to reach’, seldom heard, isolated or lonely.
  5. PPGs can nominate themselves, and they can also be nominated by a patient, a member of the primary health care team, or a community organisation.
  6. PPGs entered for the Award must be willing to share their achievements with other PPGs, to foster the sharing of good practice, through local and national media as well as N.A.P.P.’s own communication channels.
  7. The work of the project conducted should be something which can be replicated by other PPGs.
  8. The closing date for applications is 16th October 2024.