Growing PPG networks and effectiveness in the NHS

Growing PPG networks and effectiveness in the NHS England Midland and East (Central Midlands) region

During 2017-18, N.A.P.P. was commissioned by NHS England to work with PPGs, Practice Managers and Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) leads in the 15 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the NHS England, Midlands and East (Central Midlands) region. The project aimed to help grow PPG networks, and to increase the effectiveness of PPG networks and of PPGs in their practices.

The project engaged with at least 725 individual PPG members, members of the public, and Practice Managers, through a series of network meetings and other engagement events.

The project highlighted a number of themes:

The project generated 14 recommendations that are currently being considered for implementation by NHS England, and has been well-received.

N.A.P.P. hopes that, in due course, it may be possible to secure support from other NHS England regions to carry out similar projects.

A summary report on the project giving more information on the themes and the recommendations can be read here.