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Our response to the BMJ Letter: Patient participation groups could provide huge voluntary support to the NHS

N.A.P.P. was delighted to see the recent letter published in the BMJ by Joan Woolard. This personal insight provides a brief history of Patient Participation Groups and the impact they could have on the NHS, if used effectively.

Wollard states:“…patient participation groups could provide the largest amount of support to the NHS from voluntary sources if promoted effectively and brought to the attention of the 750 000 potential volunteers who offered their services at the start of the pandemic.”

As the leading UK organisation that promotes and supports the development of patient participation groups (PPGs) within the primary care setting, we couldn’t agree more.

Over the past forty years N.A.P.P has supported a huge breadth of involvement in primary care, including advice and assistance to support both PPG members and GP practices in setting up and developing a successful and beneficial PPG relationship.

If you are keen to volunteer your services during the pandemic, such as getting involved in your local PPG, make sure you get in touch with us. An effective PPG practice relationship can provide huge value to you and your community.

As Wollard says: “Never have they been more needed.”

We look forward to hearing from you.