Here are some examples of the work being carried out by PPGs across the country. The case studies are divided by category; simply click on the category to find out more.
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PPG Case Studies

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Health Promotion

Many PPGs support their GP surgery through running health promotion events, on issues ranging from smoking to fitness and well-being to weight management. Read on for examples of groups who have successfully done this.


Communicating with the patient population

These case studies demonstrate ways to effectively engage with the patient population, through patient surveys, regular newsletters and distribution of information.


Implementing practical changes

PPGs can make a real impact on the things that matter within a practice. Read these examples of PPGs that have implemented new services, revamped the surgery surroundings, or helped deliver more flexible opening times.


Creating local networks

Creating links with other PPGs in the area is a great way to share knowledge and maximise impact. These groups share how they have made this a success.

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Creativity and innovation

The scope of a PPG can be vast. Read on to get some inspiration from groups who have run unique and creative activities to reach out to the patient community.