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Red House Surgery PPG supporting the vaccination of 30,000 patients

Our PPG volunteers, plus some from a sister PPG, plus some unaffiliated volunteers have supported Red House PPG with vaccination clinics since they started in December. So far we have supported the surgery for 31 week’s worth of clinics, providing nearly 4,000 hours of support.

This has involved guiding patients to the correct place and marshalling the car parking, which is limited.  We have been guiding patients in the clinics to the next clinician to ensure smooth flow, then, when required, we monitored the patients rest period after Pfizer vaccines.  It has also involved cleaning/sanitizing chairs when required.

Our support has been provided in all weather, usually for 9 hours each day. So far 30,000 patients have been vaccinated at ‘our’ clinic but the task is far from complete.

Our volunteers have been and remain proud and pleased to support our clinic and will continue to do so.

If you consider 4,000 hours at minimum wage per hour, we have certainly saved the NHS a lot of money but we truly understand the concept of volunteering.