Quality and Safety in the NHS Research Programme

Over the last two years N.A.P.P. has been a primary partner in the Quality and Safety in the NHS (QSN) research programme. This is a major piece of research of national importance involving the Universities of Aston, Leicester, Birmingham and Aberdeen and N.A.P.P., funded by the National Institute for Health Research.  

The programme has assembled the biggest ever data set on teams in health care and drawn upon the perspectives of NHS staff, patients, and many others to address

the challenges and solutions in implementing quality and safety throughout the NHS.

N.A.P.P. has undertaken telephone interviews, surveys and run focus groups with PPG members to capture patient perceptions around the quality and safety of NHS services. The aim is for this work to lead to recommendations about how to support improvement from the perspectives of patients, carers and the public.

The report from this programme is almost finished and will be used by the Department of Health. Information will be shared with those PPG members who assisted with the research and N.A.P.P. will publish the findings when they are available.

South West Peninsula Primary Care Research Network:

N.A.P.P. is now working with the South West Peninsula Primary Care Research Network to inform patients and help PPGs to know more about the benefits of being involved in research. More information to follow.