How to set up a PPG

If your GP surgery doesn’t already have a PPG, why not consider setting up a group yourself? The following tips might be useful to help you get started:

1. Speak to your practice: The best place to start is by contacting the practice manager at your GP surgery to discuss the concept of establishing a group. It may be that they’ve been considering setting up a group for a while, so your approach may come at just the right time!

2. Clue up on the benefits of PPGs: Why not read our ‘Benefits of PPGs’ section, so that you are prepared to present your ideas to the practice manager? You could even think of some examples of the areas you would like the PPG to address, for example:

You can also get more ideas and inspiration by reading about the work of other PPGs in the case studies section of this site.

Starting a PPG

3. Recruit some members: Once you have initial interest from the practice, you can work together to consider how you might set about recruiting members. This could be by direct invitation from the GP, posters on the surgery notice board, an alert on the practice website, or even a request put out in the local newspaper or council newsletter. Usually, a PPG will include representatives from the surgery (the practice manager and a GP) as well as a range of members of the community.

4. Organise your first meeting: Once you have some willing participants, get them together for an initial meeting. Some of your members may hold full time jobs, so you’ll need to consider the most suitable time to meet. You should use this first meeting to discuss what is expected of the group and what issues you would all like to tackle in the next few months, as well as how regularly you would like to meet and the role of each member.

5. Get support: It can be particularly helpful to link with the National Association for Patient Participation at the outset to avoid some of the more common errors that are made and which can compromise the development of the PPG.

If you have affiliated to N.A.P.P., more help and advice is available, and a range of practical resources, including a sample patient flyer, template constitution, terms of reference and first meeting agenda. Click to download the Starting, Growing and Sustaining Succesful PPGs guide here