University Medical Practice PPG, Birmingham – our experience in setting up a PPG

Determined to set up a Patient Participation Group, we decided we needed support. As such, we applied for membership of NAPP and paid the joining fee ourselves. This was money very well spent. A small but committed working group of patients are now better informed by NAPP’s very helpful guidance. We are again fired with enthusiasm and have succeeded in setting up a meeting with an enlightened partner of the practice and the practice manager.

We have attached ourselves to an area forum, comforted by other PPGs experiences of barriers to progress and inspired by the few success stories. The national focus on the development of Primary Care Networks helps to strengthen positive communication between groups and provides local organisational models which support constructive discussion.

We remain concerned about the impact of wider changes to healthcare and want to continue to champion ‘kind care’ as critical.

Thank you so much for your support, in particular to your President Dr Patricia Wilkie, for the efficient and effective response to our enquiries. The advice received has been inspirational.

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