Virtual PPGs

Virtual PPGs are also now developing based on email networks and social media to enable the group to reach out to the wider diverse population. This will ensure engagement with all sections of the population including those from minority communities and those that are seldom heard.

"Creating a virtual PPG – getting started guide". The Department of Health commissioned  and developed  this guide in consultation with patients, staff and patient group representatives, to  support practices in setting up virtual PPGs.  It contains a few simple tools that practices can use at the various stages of setting up a PPG. and is deliberately simple and 'low-tech' in the hope that it provides a range of quick and easy ways to create a list of patients willing to help practices by giving their views.    

Community Voices Project

Virtual PPGs

Click to read the Community Voices and Starter Guide a case study of four practices that developed a virtual PPG including a getting started guide-(also included in the DES documentation)

This summary provides key highlights from the Community Voices project that enabled four practices to set up and communicate to a virtual patient group of up to 100 patients each, simply and effectively.