N.A.P.P. is the leading national, patient-led organisation working with Patient Participation Groups, the NHS and other key stakeholders to place the patient at the centre of the primary health and social care agenda through active participation at the grass roots of general practice and the local community.

Long term aims - charitable objectives

The object for which the Association is established is, through the medium of patient participation, to promote the relief of sickness and preservation and protection of health for the public benefit by fostering the highest possible standard of primary medical care through the medium of patient participation.

Our Vision:

To ensure that all primary care services have an involved and active patient participation group working with health and care professionals to help ensure high quality care for all.

Our mission:

To foster and promote effective patient participation and to embed the interests, perspectives and priorities of people using primary health and care services at the heart of all decision making ensuring the quality and responsiveness of services and health outcomes for patients and the wider community continuously improve.

What we do:

We support the establishment and maintenance of patient participation groups by sharing good practice and providing support and advice and to patients, practices, health and care professionals to improve healthcare services, to involve those who are difficult to reach and to ensure that patients are at the centre of all healthcare decisions.

Our Values:

Our guiding principles:

Impact on Society:

N.A.P.P. is the leading authority in the support and development of patient participation groups in primary care. We aim to transform relationships between patients and primary care through supporting the growth of active patient participation groups to ensure services are responsive and of the highest possible quality.

 Vision & Values

A unique specialist umbrella body supporting patient-led groups in primary care